Learn Arabic to Read Qur’an

Qur’an is in Arabic, and has specific way of reading and reciting. This is an academic course to help learners master the correct and unique way of reciting the Qur'an through mastering the Arabic phonological rules, correct places of articulation, mouth and lip movements and their shapes when reciting, manners of articulation of sounds and more. This course is divided into 4 levels, Learn Arabic to Read is the essential foundation level, and 3 courses to master the recitation.

Course Description:
The particular content of each level is usually available once the level is announced on our Home page, (this will appear in SCHEDULE on Home page)

To read the full course description, please download the available levels from the links below:
Learn Arabic to Read Qur’an (Essential Foundation) || (Download)

Class Information

We are keen to have an ideal number of learners in our classrooms. The number of students varies between 7 to 10 students in each class, to guarantee the highest level of proficiency and to allow classroom participation and interaction. For the benefit of the students, it’s highly recommended that the students don’t miss any of their classes and to be always on time (or best 5 minutes before class). Course material is provided by NEALA Arabic Academy.