Welcome to NEALA, North East Arabic Language Academy. Est. 2014

We are proud to be the FIRST professional Language Academy in the North East of England that exclusively specialised in Arabic Language teaching, training, translation and proofreading services for both native and non-native Arabic language speakers. With NEALA, learning Arabic is no longer a 'mission impossible'. The varieties of courses we offer aim to serve different purposes and all taught by professional instructors of Arabic. Our staff are not only native speakers of Arabic but come highly qualified with ample experience of teaching Arabic inside and outside UK.  We are keen to provide courses that will serve the largest possible audience. Our courses vary in terms of age, content, and purpose, so we are quite sure that you will find a course designed mainly for you. However, should our courses not match your requirements, we are happy to hear from you to fulfil your requirement. We believe that NEALA has an effective role in creating a better understanding and increasing the harmony and in such a multicultural society, we are here to put Arabic language at the hands of those who are interested in Arabic and its culture.

NEALA is established to make Arabic accessible to its seekers in the North East by providing diverse Arabic for different purposes. We aim to provide quality Arabic Language instruction to individuals who have a first language other than/or Arabic. We provide courses and services to address the professional academic and practical language need for our learners.

NEALA endeavours to contribute to the cross-cultural understanding of shared human values and promoting cross-cultural awareness.