Arabic School for Children

NEALA Arabic school for children started in September 2014. The school accepts students from age 4 to 15 years old. The main aim of the school is to teach the young learners the Arabic language from total beginners to GCSE & A-level. The school has Arabic classes for native and non-native speakers of Arabic. We use comprehensive curriculums and interactive methods in the classroom, children learn Arabic through playing, touching, colouring, and other enjoyable activities and environment.

The school only teaches Modern Standard Arabic (فصحى ), and builds the four skills simultaneously (reading, speaking, listening, writing). Students linguistic abilities in Arabic is developed through all the aspects of the language and covers all topics and themes of daily life.  Our target is to graduate students who are able to communicate, express themselves and understand written or spoken Arabic.

Academic Year

An academic year at the school is a total of 30 weeks, divided into three terms:

  • Sept – Dec (Term 1 || Autumn Term)
  • Jan – March (Term 2 || Winter Term)
  • April – July (Term 3 || Spring Term)

We accept new Tamhidi & Rawdha students two times a year: September and January.
We also accept new students who have studied Arabic academically and professionally before throughout the year. However, these students will have to take the level test before joining the school.

Students attend once a week, (either Saturday or Sunday), and one period only, (either morning 9:00 am —12:30 or evening 1:00—4:30 pm).
Students are allocated into classes according to their level of Arabic and their age.
NEALA School currently holds classes for students in the following levels:

  • Rawdha
  • Tamhidi
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • Level 6
  • Pre- GCSE
  • GCSE Arabic
  • A Level (GCE Arabic)

The school provides the learning pack for all students starting at the academy from when they first join the school.

Fees are paid termly, before the beginning of each term (Sept Term / Jan Term / Apr Term).
The fees include books, stationary and other study materials.

1st child

2nd child

3rd child

4th child





If you would like to apply for your children, please click here to (apply online) or (download application form)