Understanding Qur’anic Arabic

This Course is open for those who are interested in understanding the language of Qur'an in Arabic immediately without referring to any translation. The course is divided into 5 levels, each level focuses on a certain number of vocabularies and structures used in the Qur’an from certain Surahs. The course provides a linguistic analysis of the language used in the Qur’an through innovative, interactive and academic methods. Regular assessments are carried out throughout the course, and final assessment at the end of each level.

This course is open for learners aged 16 or over. If you want to join this course, you are expected to have the basic knowledge of reading and writing Arabic script and that you can read and write Arabic easily. Otherwise, it is highly recommended that you start from this course (Learn Arabic to Read Qur’an) to reach a good level of reading and writing Arabic.

Course Description:

The particular content of each level is usually available once the level is announced on our Home page, (this will appear in SCHEDULE on Home page)

Course Material

We cover structures, vocabularies and the grammar of the Qur'an through beginner to advanced levels. We use developed text books and worksheet activities.

Class Information

We are keen to have an ideal number of learners in our classrooms. The number of students varies between 7 to 10 students in each class, to guarantee the highest level of proficiency and to allow classroom participation and interaction. For the benefit of the students, it’s highly recommended that the students don’t miss any of their classes and to be always on time (or best 5 minutes before class). Course material is provided by NEALA Arabic Academy.