General Arabic

This programme is open for adults (16 years old and over) who want to acquire Arabic language from zero to native-like level.

General Arabic courses are divided into 8 levels (2 Beginners – 3 Intermediate – 2 Advanced – 1 Superior). Courses cover themes and topics from beginner to advanced levels systematically in a building-up process. The programme develops the learners’ Arabic language ability in the four skills simultaneously: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

What type of Arabic will I learn?

You’ll learn Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is normally used in Education and Media plus introductions about specific dialects like Egyptian Arabic or Levantine Arabic.


The ultimate aim of this programme is to master Arabic language to a native-like level and to help the learner deal with Arabic context whether written or spoken with full confidence and fluency.

Course Description:

The particular content of each level is usually available once the level is announced on the Home page, (this will appear in SCHEDULE on Home page)

To read the first 2 levels full course description, please follow the links below:
General Arabic (Beginner 1) (Download)
General Arabic (Beginner 2) (Download)

Content and Course Material

Check your level course description for details about the book you will need for your studies and the content to be covered from the book. NEALA Arabic Academy DOES NOT provide the course textbook for these levels.

Class Information

We are keen to have an ideal number of learners in our classrooms. The number of students varies between 7 to 10 students in each class, to guarantee the highest level of proficiency and to allow classroom participation and interaction. For the benefit of the students, it’s highly recommended that the students don’t miss any of their classes and to be always on time (or best 5 minutes before class).