Pure Grammar

This course is designed for those already established a sound knowledge of Arabic language and want to accelerate and deepen their grasp of the language. It will explore the more technical side of the language, its fascinating structures and rules that govern its meanings. This course is suitable for students who have already finished at least 4 levels of General Arabic (currently called Mid Intermediate) or those who are on their second year of an Arabic Degree. Also it might appeal to linguists and language researchers who are interested in understanding Arabic grammar for research purposes. This course is a build up from the basic rules of Arabic into the more sophisticated and advanced grammatical rules of Arabic.

Course Description:
The particular content of this course is usually provided to students who are interested via email. Course material is provided by NEALA Arabic Academy.

You could read course description for the first level of this course here:
Pure Grammar 1 || (Download)

** Please note that this course is mainly taught on 1-to-1 basis rather than group class due to the differences of Arabic language level and proficiency of students.