Terms and Conditions

(NEALA Academy has the right to update or change these terms & conditions when needed without previous notice)

(In case of dispute, the most recent update or change to the terms & conditions will apply)

(It is the responsibility of the applicant to read and revise the terms & conditions when they register for a course)

Registration & Fees :

  • Classes, courses and programmes run by NEALA will start and end on the dates and times announced on our official website www.neala.co.uk or Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nealaarabicacademy/
  • Students must fill an application form to be admitted into any of the running classes.
  • Any changes to the dates or times of the classes will be announced through our Website/Facebook pages at least 3 days before the original start/end date.
  • The full fees of the course should be received before the starting date of the course, or at the same day of the first class at our office.
  • Fees could be paid by Bank Transfer or cash at the office. (No card facility available) The bank details are listed on the application form page. In case of Bank transfer payment, the student will receive an email confirmation of their payment. In case of cash payment, the students will receive a paper receipt from NEALA Office Admin.


  • It is expected from the students to attend all classes and not miss any of them, at the times announced.
  • Certificate of attendance will be given upon the request of the students at the end of the course given according to NEALA standard and measurement of attendance.
  • Students are required to attend no less than 90% of the teaching hours (*classes based on 20 hours of teaching will allow the student to be absent for 2 hours only and for a valid reason only). Otherwise no certificate of attendance will be given at the end of the course.
  • If the student is absent for a reason of their own, then it's up to the teacher whether he/she will give the student a catch-up class or not. Any individual catch-up class will be arranged between the teacher and the student and will cost £30.

Level Exams:

  • Taking the level exam is ‘an option’ for students who wish to study Arabic, they are not complete beginner and/or are uncertain about their level and proficiency of Arabic
  • A small tuition fee of £10 will apply to students wishing to take the exam.
  • The exam will take place during the period of registration for the announced courses and will be arranged individually with the student at our Academy.
  • Students will be responsible – if they don’t take the level exam – for choosing the level & course they register for. NEALA does not take any responsibility thereafter for choosing the wrong level and/or course registered for.


  • Students will have a 10% discount applied to their tuition fees on any second course they study at NEALA
  • Students will have a 15% discount applied to their tuition fees on any third course they study at NEALA
  • Students will have a 20% discount applied to their tuition fees on their fourth or more courses they study at NEALA
  • UK University full-time registered students are eligible for 15% discount upon showing proof for that.
  • Any of our discounts will only apply to groups classes and courses, but NOT to private tuitions.
  • If the student is eligible for more than one discount, the best or the higher discount will apply and the fees will be calculated in accordance. 

Course Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • NEALA Academy has the right to cancel any course or programme running in cases of teacher’s unavailability, minimum number of students registered not met, or any other condition that prevents the process of teaching.
  • In case of cancellation of any running courses for any reason, our students will be contacted directly via phone or email.
  • If the course is cancelled by NEALA, then any fees paid towards that course will be fully refunded to the students.
  • NEALA will not pay, repay, compensate or refund any of the classes a student/learner miss for any reason.
  • If the student withdraws or doesn’t continue in their registered course, then no refund will be given to them if they already attended the first day of the course he/she registered for.

Data Protection Act and Image Rights

  • Photos/Videos might be taken of students during classroom activities for publicity purposes. Students will be asked for their consent prior to that.
  • NEALA processes and stores students’ data in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998. With regards to the data collected from registered students, the request and consequent maintenance of such data is to be used solely for the purpose of course re-registration and administration purposes.
  • Any of our students’ information will not be shared with any third party.
  • The reception of a fully completed registration form (handed at NEALA office or received by email) along with the payment of the full fees will form the student’s acceptance of this agreement, terms & conditions.
  • The date of this agreement is the same date the student signs the registration form and/or pays the full fee for the course they are registering for.
  • The two parties of the agreement (NEALA and the student) are committed equally to perform their duties fully and in good faith, and resolve any disagreement mutually.

Complaint Policy

  • NEALA academy is committed to investigate any complaint received from any of our staff or students.
  • Students should address any issues and seek informal and local resolution by approaching their teachers and tutors.
  • Students who want to raise a complaint should do so at the earliest opportunity so as to resolve it as soon as we can.
  • NEALA will not investigate any complaints raised more than a week after the event that it relates to.
  • Students wishing to file a complaint should fill in the form (can be obtained from the office Admin or via email) and post it to our office address: (Room 12, NEALA, The Beacon Centre, Westgate Road, NE4 9PN)