Conversational Arabic

This course is for those who want to focus on the spoken aspect of the language only, rather than reading or writing it. This course helps develop the speaking skill in any of the Arabic varieties available such as MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), or a certain dialect of an Arab country such as Egyptian, Levant, Moroccan, Gulf, etc.

The course includes different frequent expressions, idioms, daily interactions scenarios, and the words that are used by Arabic native speakers. Learners have the option to choose to learn MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) or a specific dialect
In this course, you will learn to speak about different topics, whether social, cultural, everyday chat with ease, fluency and within a comfortable classroom environment.

However, having the knowledge of reading and writing Arabic is important for this course, so we recommend you take General Arabic (Beginner 1) for the best start.

Course Description:
The particular content of each level is usually available once the level is announced on our Home page, (this will appear in SCHEDULE on Home page). You can request the course description by sending email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

** Please note that this course is mainly taught on 1-to-1 basis rather than group class due to the differences of dialect preferences by students.

Course material is provided by NEALA Arabic Academy.